Q7000 DP3 Advanced Semisubmersible | Video

Published: 03/03/2022

Ocean water texture below the surface with sun rays shining through
Q7000 DP3 Advanced Semisubmersible
Facilitates well intervention in North Sea environments

The Helix Q7000 DP3 semisubmersible performs through-riser well intervention and decommissioning operations, using the Helix-designed intervention riser system (IRS), which features an innovative high-angle disconnect system. With its open deck plan and triaxial configuration, the Q7000 is capable of a wide range of production enhancement operations in addition to well cleanup and field development support. It equally optimizes well decommissioning activities, including suspension, tubing removal, tree recovery, and seafloor clearance. A sophisticated 600-metric-ton well intervention tower with both active and passive heave compensation is located on the upper deck. The large flush deck features a skidding system for well intervention support equipment and tubulars storage. Below deck are twin work-class ROV systems, bulk fluids storage, and pumping systems.

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